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 Inappropriate Language

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Last of the Time Lords

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PostSubject: Inappropriate Language   Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:17 am

Something else to bear in mind if you wish to continue on this forum...


Inappropriate language is not going to be tolerated on this site! Several sites out there such as DeviantART, Youtube and indeed some other writing sites are lax when it comes to swearing and other inappropriate language. To some people, swearing might be a natural part of life., like at school, or at home, but this is a forum on the internet where everyone can see what you say. We have people of all ages browsing this forum. This forum has been fitted with a filter, because we thought it would act as a safety precaution against those who may want to disregard the rules.

Something BWD said earlier - 'my mother said to me the day I joined up to Facebook: "Don't put something up which you wouldn't want your Grandmother to see."'

Besides... it's just more words to type.


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Inappropriate Language
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