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PostSubject: Text-talk/chat-talk   Text-talk/chat-talk Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 1:25 am

Another important issue is text-talk. Trying to read something like this:

'2day was gr8, ttyl, cya!'

is a really annoying thing to do. I doesn't really save time typing and it certainly doesn't save time reading. I take about twice as long to read text-talk than I do to read normal writing.

A warning: if you write in text-talk; I or one of the Administrators or Mods will come and either delete your comment or edit it so that it is readable.

I'm going to go scientific for a moment - Many children in this age have lower spelling standards than the generations before them because they spend time writing

'wat? oh I dunno. wateva...'

It's just annoying. So don't do it. Please.


Text-talk/chat-talk Sigaya
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