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PostSubject: Emoticons...   Emoticons... Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 1:33 am

For those who don't know, these are emoticons: Very Happy Razz No @ cyclops clown What a Face What a Face What a Face Twisted Evil rendeer lol!

They're pretty cool, and they help get your mood across. Without them, sarcasm could be taken the wrong way or something that was meant to me harmless might hurt someone's feelings. At the same time, they can get a little annoying. Imagine this being a message.

" affraid I thought that was a great study Exclamation Exclamation I lol! ed at the beginning, that Twisted Evil character was really Laughing Exclamation Exclamation Did you mean that Like a Star @ heaven to be green Question Question "

Ow... my eyes...

it just takes your attention away from what the person's trying to say, and it's not really comprehensible. Please keep it to a minimum


Very Happy


Emoticons... Sigaya
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