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I wear no Wings

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PostSubject: About This Forum   About This Forum Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 8:04 pm

Every two weeks we will have a new prompt for your viewing pleasure. It can range from picture to youtube link to poem or anything else. Basically it's what ever Quillion feels like at the time.

Each prompt will get it's own thread.

Prompts are just to inspire art and fic. It would be awesome if you came up with something in the two week period between prompts, but it isn't a requirement. If three months after the prompt came out you wrote something inspired by it, post it on that thread! It will be awesome.

The two week period may change, depending on how much time Quillion has. If she gets buried it might be lessened to once a month. Although I, or BWD or someone else might take over.

Prompts will go up on Friday, at no specific time.

If you want to send prompts (please do) send them to illusionprompt@gmail.com

Awesome sause


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