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 Whats a Fic Exchange?

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Whats a Fic Exchange? Empty
PostSubject: Whats a Fic Exchange?   Whats a Fic Exchange? Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 9:49 pm

What is a Fic Exchange?

Well, a Fic Exchange is when you have a bunch of people who want something written for them, they would have a guideline like this, or something close to it.

<b>Favourite colour/quote/word/etc:</b>

<b>I will write (slash, femmeslash, het, gen):</b>
<b>Genres I will write:</b>
<b>Genres I won't write:</b>
<b>Highest rating I will write:</b>

<b>Pairings/characters I will write:</b> This one is for fanfiction, and in fact if you would rather do fiction then just tell me what kinds of characters would you write, or not write.
<b>Pairings/characters I will not write:</b>
<b>Major squicks (reading & writing):</b>

<b>Anything else?</b> (e.g. any books you haven't read, etc ...)

Remember this is just a template you don't have to follow this exactly but I'd suggest you stick close to it so we can pair you up evenly. I will let you know when the first Fic Exchange is happening.

Please send your information to this email, or PM me or Quillion. Others can help out too, just say a word to me. illusionprompt@gmail.com


Whats a Fic Exchange? Lionsig3
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Whats a Fic Exchange?
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